Monday, August 31, 2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Summer Boredom Busters : Remote Learning Resources

Good news!
Capstone has curated a collection of free printables and educational activities for kids’ exploratory learning while practicing social distancing. From fun activities with kids’ favorite book characters to inspiring STEAM activities to get them excited about science and easy crafting ideas they can make at home, Capstone hopes these resources will not only help keep kids busy in a constructive way, but also support their ongoing learning. Capstone will be adding more free resources continuously, so check back often for new projects for 
helping teach kids at home.                                             
                                                                        Please click this link!
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Monday, June 15, 2020

Have a Great Summer!

Distance learning has been quite an adventure!  Thank you to all of the students and parents for working diligently and exploring this new side of education together.  It was a pleasure teaching and learning with you.  Hope you have a GREAT summer! 

Monday, June 8, 2020

K-2 "My Favorite Food for an Indoor Picnic" Project

What kind of food would you like for a picnic? List them in this Buncee, and add stickers, animations, or photos for each item. If you are able to find these foods, you can also invite your whole family to a fun picnic at-home!  
Salu S. Gr. 2 Maya M. Gr. 1 Binty S. Kindergarten Sylvanie S Gr. 2 Amsu S. Kindergarten Sophia R. Gr. 2 Amber B. Gr. 2 Daviana S. Gr. 1 Dominic C. Gr. 1 Preston B. Gr. 1 Qasim S. Kindergarten Jillian R. Kindergarten Chad M. Kindergarten Jordyn M. Kindergarten John M. Kindergarten Zion M. Gr. 1 Bryce F. Gr. 1 Richard R. Gr. 1 Dylan S. Gr. 2 Zavier M. Gr. 1 Rhianne M. Gr. 2 Ismaail H. Kindergarten Robi M. Kindergarten Sharvinn K. Gr. 2 Naqi A. Kindergarten Faith P. Gr. 1  
Asif R. Gr. 2 Imran R. Gr. 2 Gabriel M. Gr. 2 Haylee M. Gr. 1 Aleena R Gr.1 Hamnah J. Kindergarten Mason S. Gr. 1 Sophia R. Gr. 2 Ryan R. Kindergarten Myles V. Kindergarten Alex N. Kindergarten Austin G. Gr. 1 Bria F. Gr. 1 Jack M. Kindergarten Adrianna C. Kindergarten Aiza C. Gr. 1 Cynthia P. Gr. 2 Sophia O Gr. 1 Abdul S. Gr. 1 Maya G. Kindergarten Winston C. Kindergarten Noah S. Kindergarten Andrew A. Gr. 1 Noah G. Gr. 2 Simhar N. Gr. 2

Gr. 3-6 "Create a Family Gratitude Jar" Project

Practicing gratitude is a great way to encourage appreciation for yourself, others, and the world around you. Using text, images, stickers, and drawings, create a digital gratitude jar that holds everything you feel thankful for. Then, pass your gratitude jar to your family members, and encourage them to express their gratitude as well! Divya D. Gr. 5 Jaida G. Gr. 6 Jaden P. Gr. 6 Mania I. Gr. 6 Aaminah N. Gr. 6 Raymond M. Gr. 6 Noor N. Gr. 6 Landon L. Gr. 6 Maya V. Gr. 5 Aidan A. Gr. 5 Rafael M. Gr. 5 Marley P. Gr. 5 Isabel H. Gr. 5 Brandon G. Gr. 5 Chase M. Gr. 4 Cheick T. Gr. 4 Adil Gr. 4 Mia Gr. 3 Hakan B. Gr. 3 Aidan F. Gr. 3 Nicole J. Gr. 3 Corey S. Gr. 3 Isobel G. Gr. 3 Rizwan N. Gr. 3 Braylen F. Gr. 3 Gabriel J. Gr. 3 Leyla M. Gr. 4 Chloe M. Gr. 4 Brandon G. Gr. 5 Aqsa A. Gr. 4 Susan B. Gr. 5 Arlene N. Gr. 6 Ameena R. Gr. 4 Aviva F. Gr. 4 Sanaa D. Gr. 6 Sarah G. Gr. 4 Braylen F. Gr. 3 Talia B. Gr. 5 Isabella D. Gr. 6 Bharrat S. Gr. 4 Harlye S. Gr. 6 Dezirae W. Gr. 6 Michael Potash Gr. 6 Mubeen K. Gr. 4 Jordan G. Gr. 6

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Gr. 6 Family Recipe Project

Spend some quality time with your family during this quarantine by cooking together! Choose a favorite recipe, or find a recipe on Destinydiscover that you would like to try out with your family.Once you choose a recipe, record the ingredients and the step by step directions in your Buncee. Have fun cooking or baking the recipe together! When you're done, include a photo of your creation! Myles B. Maryam K. Michael Peralta Junior Karina M. Raymond M. Andrew R. Angel N. Jaida G. Landon Michael Potash Sarah Y. Leah B. Isabella D. Jordan G.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Gr. 1 Dinosaur Project

First grade students read a nonfiction e book about a dinosaur of their choice using My Capstone Library. After they learn about the dinosaur they chose, they answer the questions on Google Doc and some students even created a buncee. Great job! Richard Maya M. Bria Austin G.

Kindergarten 'Virtual Field Trip to the Farm' Project

Kindergarten students read a fun story with a farm setting such as Click,Clack, Moo or Giggle, Giggle, Quack on BookFlix and chose to read at least 2 of the ebook choices to learn about farmers, crops, animals and farm machines on ebook platforms such as Pebble Go and My Capstone Library. They used Buncee to show what they learned. Great job! Shannon K. Kindergarten Noah S. Kindergarten Mason B. Adrianna C. Mursallen Naqi Raleah Amsu Jordyn M. Hamnah Maya G. John M. Zoey Chad Jack Ismaail Alex Qasim Myles V. Robi Ryan R. Jillian Winston Pablo

Monday, May 11, 2020

Gr. 2 Ocean Wonders Project

Our second grade students learned about oceans, ocean creatures, and ocean wonders by reading e books on Follett Lightbox, My Capstone Library, Pebble Go, Book Flix, and Facts4me. Then, they create a Buncee poster or presentation on what they learned about oceans. Great job! Jasmine Rogenie Sylvanie Sania J. Raabia Shayon Jayden H. Jayden H. Sharvinn Sophia R. Christian D. Blake Amber B. Rhianne Evan F. Aminata Imran Asif Dylan

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Gr. 5-6 Interactive Timeline Project

After reading a biography on Pebble Go Next database, students created interactive timelines by building them in Buncee or Google Slide. They placed major events in order and add pictures to add creative detail. Create a timeline for an individual, or a class. Arsh S. Dezirae W. Janaiya Michael Peralta Aaminah N. Jaida Karina Landon L. Jaxon H. Isabel H. Brandon G. Rafael M. Michael P. Maya V. Isabella Arlene Zain D. Angie Taimoor Zain D.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Gr. 2-3 Exploring Space Project

Gr.2 students listen to the story, "Hey Ho to Mars" from a real astronaut in space, while Gr.3 students took a virtual field trip to Mars. Then, all students read about ASTRONAUTS on PebbleGo and created a Buncee about space or ASTRONAUTS. Gabriel J. Shayon M. Mia Jayden H. Mamadou Aidan F. Rizwan N. Raabia A. Blake Ryan C. Corey S. Nicole J. Jeremy N. Emmanuel Duaa Meerab D. Hakan B. Aviana Hadassah L. Danielle N. Noah G. Sophia R. Christian D. iframe src=""width="650" height="450" allowFullScreen> Evan F. Blake R. Amber B. Rhianne Blake Isobel G. Braylen F. Sophia R. Dylan S. Maryam K. Imran Asif Sofia S. Noah G. Sharvinn

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Gr. 3-4 "I Am" Poem Project

An “I Am” poem is one written BY you and ABOUT you. The “I Am” poem expresses the way you feel, what you hope, think, dream, enjoy and so on. Each “I Am” poem contains specific elements in common. The lines in each poem begin the same way: I am, I wonder, I feel, I hear and so forth. Some sentences in the poem describe imaginary sights, sounds and experiences. (That is – they are figurative language!) Other sentences express actual, literal feelings. The first line in your poem – the “I Am” line – is repeated at the end of each stanza. Mamadou Zainab D. Braylen Sarah G. Chloe Abigail Jaylitza Joseph F. Aviva F. Chase M. Matthew P.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Gr. 1-2 "People in My Neighborhood" Project

Gr.1-2 students learned about "People in My Neighborhood" by reading an e book on Follett Lightbox about a community helper of their choice. After that, they created a buncee poster about one of the community helpers. Way to go! Justice Isaiah Aaron V. Brandon B. Meerab D. Simrah N. Sharvinn Blake R. Hadi Z. Dominic C. Bryce F. Muhammad A. Maya M. Wareesha Aminata Jana L. Andrew A. Sylvanie Zion Zavier Richard Abdul Dominic Parneet Dylan S. Noah G. Mason S. Bria Noah G. Sophia R. Shayon Austin G. Preston B. Amber B. Asif Jayden H. Aiza C Aleena R Mayelle Christian D. Evan F. Joseph A. Faith P.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Gr. 5 National Park Project

Marley Brandon Myrtha Sudan B. Angie Rafael M.

Spring by Vivaldi (Part 1)

Spring by Vivaldi (Part 2)

Winter by Vivaldi

Autumn by Vivaldi